Website Monitoring Through Screenshot Automation

03 octobre, 2017

by Wilfried

We’re live! is now ready to welcome you! automates the visual capture of websites to reveal what changes.

The project is born in Onvey Labs. Over the past few months, we have been building this smart tool for managers who must have excellent visibility on their market without devoting time to it.

It is about addressing a simple concern:

How to keep up with what’s going on your market? is built on the premise that the faster competitive landscapes evolve, the greater the need to keep a sharp eye on things.

So, we decided to build a solution that fix the problem of access to this information.

We wanted it visual, to make it effortless and very straight-to-the-point for its users. Serving this purpose, we assembled several technologies: desktop & mobile captures, automation, and change detection.

The result? A simple and yet powerful platform that save you loads of time, and gives you a comprehensive visibility on websites’ amendments. reveals the intelligence behind website updates. captures visual copies of websites, web pages, and online documents that matter to you, building documentation for both you and your team.

We routinely capture and archive any web page that matters to you.

More importantly, highlights any visual change between two snapshots and alerts you when something changes, thus providing potentially crucial clues for your business.

We visually highlight and put to your attention what changes, when it changes.

Here is a sneak peek of the alert you will receive :

Capture of the changes on after we released the service publicly. That is a pretty 80.33% change rate.

How is helpful to you?

We make monitoring websites easier so you can focus on your daily duties while we keep an eye on your market.

We bring this information to you on time. Of course, you still have to check yourself what has actually changed on the page. Until there is an API that inserts the changes directly into your brain, it will remain a valid statement ;-)

In a nutshell, Pagescreen:

  • Saves you loads of time on checking websites ;
  • Gives immediate access to what you should know and ensures you do not miss key information ;
  • Helps you make better decisions based on extensive competitive knowledge.

What could you start monitoring today? :

  • Your competitors ;
  • Your clients and providers ;
  • Any service that can give you a competitive advantage or prove a threat!

Try it !

The service comes with a 14-days free trial period, and no card required.

Start monitoring web pages and receive change alerts today!

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