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Introducing team, Collaboration and Collection

by Wilfried

We’re thrilled to announce we are adding layers of access and information to Pagescreen in order to make our advanced monitoring solution more organized and to allow for better team collaboration.

Up to today, Pagescreen has been to you a simple, yet powerful, productivity solution for website change monitoring. With our upcoming enterprise-grade functionalities, we aim to make it your new automated platform for market and competitive intelligence.

We believe Pagescreen can legitimately play a major role in any corporate environment, in various ways. In fact, the larger the company, the more value Pagescreen generates.

That's why we decided to upgrade our solutions with team collaboration capabilities and advanced mission control functionality. The enhanced Pagescreen will save you time, resources and ultimately will drive productivity, economy of scale, team satisfaction, and will make your team more scalable.

We are looking for candidate companies to test our new platform and provide early feedback. If you are interested, please contact us !

What's out of the box?

Team: Collaboration over visual proof

Team: Collaboration over visual proof

Enabling collaboration between teams (both internal and external) of any organization through Pagescreen has been one of our top priorities. We are now offering:

  • Access level control with editor rights and suggestions (RBAC)
  • Comments and discussions on screenshots and monitors
  • Personalised feed and alerts
  • User-friendly and secured login process with SSO.

Teams can now be created in an account that is centrally managed, allowing for specific user-roles and levels of access to be granted to a set of users. Each team can have one or more managers/admins and unlimited amount of users.

Teams can adopt a custom classification strategy that can be easily switched on/off, but also expanded and adjusted as needed. You can now invite external users with low-level of access into the dashboard to review and comments on screenshots and monitors while keeping confidentiality about users’ information and specific monitors. This improvement makes commenting on change detection easier and more friendly.

Alerts and sensitive monitors can be limited to a set of users involved in a specific project.

Single sign on (SSO), advanced team management and control capabilities got added to Pagescreen to make it easier to use and increase team productivity. Here are some of the differentiating features including what’s new and hot from the press:

Collections: Group your monitors for easy management and smart navigation

Collections: Group your monitors for easy management and smart navigation

In order to manage and navigate through a large amount of monitors with ease, we’ve added collections.

Collections are virtual folders that allow you to group monitors together by topics. A collection can be private to one single user, shared with one or several teams, or even with the entire organization. A collection has its own level of alerting, like Slack channels. This advanced resources sharing capability brought Pagescreen to new heights.

  • Access can be given to a set of employees, teams, partners, or anybody
  • Each employee has its own personal folder for private usage
  • Read and/or write permissions to welcome further collaboration

Create an Account now with Pagescreen and save hours of manual labor by automating repetitive and tedious tasks.

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