16 types of online content you want to monitor

From your global network & market

by Wilfried

There are so many sources of information online. Trying to monitor all of them could be counter-productive. We're highlighting in this article the web pages we believe are the most valuable to watch as they could impact your business.

Your public website

Anything can happen, from a release gone wild to an integration breaking (especially when using third-party scripts or plugins). Keeping an eye on your website's essential pages is naturally a good practice.

  • 1. Home page - undoubtedly one of your website's most crucial entry doors.
  • 2. Pricing page - usually a critical page where signup and sales originate
  • 3. The most important landing pages - often those that drive the most traffic and conversion.
  • 4. Contact form - another critical touch point for your visitors you want to keep in check.
  • 5. Any significant documentation page, if any - as they have a tremendous impact and your SEO and conversion too.

Business partners' websites

Your business partners are most likely essential for your service delivery, its quality, or even your customer acquisition. Potentially they also matter from a sales perspective or are significant for your costs. You better stay proactive there and monitor their activity at all times!

  • 6. Pages where your product & services might be listed - to ensure you're still there and eventually find out when another (potentially competing) product lands there too.
  • 7. API Documentations - to get alerted on a change of specifications, an update, or new feature addition. This could give you an edge to improve your integrations or save you troubleshooting time as you'll identify exactly what changed.
  • 8. Pricing page - to get alerted on any change of offering.
  • 9. Terms of services - to keep legal or compliance things in check.

Competitors' websites

A little heads-up always help!

  • 10. Home page - the #1 place where announcements or messaging changes are made.
  • 11. Pricing page - to get alerted on any change of offering or pricing
  • 12. Terms of services - important updates are often published there: change of ownership, change of terms, new activities ... information that wouldn't necessarily be published anywhere else or a long time after.
  • 13. About us or Team page - A change of management or culture/policy can reveal a shift in strategy that you'd want to be aware of.

Affiliates & Referrals web pages

Either from an SEO standpoint or more generally in regard to your branding, monitoring mentions of your brand and services help to identify changes in trends or market positioning.

  • 14. Blogs posts mentioning you/your competition - they are more and more dynamic, with a change of content or simple deletion for SEO optimization. Such an update can affect your traffic (acquisition) or reveal an update on your market: new competitor or change of offering.
  • 15. Media Articles - whether paid or not, you want these pages to stay online without editing, as they are essential for your branding.
  • 16. Online Reviews - to stay alert on your competitiveness and potentially identify new challengers in your market. People like to compare services and provide insightful feedback. Knowing where you stand and if reactions to your services are changing can prove valuable.

With this list of web pages on watch and constant monitoring, you can be pretty confident you won't miss an important market signal, have a strong information powerhouse for your business, and have peace of mind about your website look & feel!

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